Kos, Greece (2006)

These pictures were made during a trip to the island of Kos, Greece (IEEE ISCAS conference, May 2006).

Bike trip 1

Day 1: On this day, I rented a bike for only 3 euro's. How far would this vehicle get me into the mountains?? Starting from Psalídi, I went to Kos City first, then to the Asklepieion and further into the direction of Lagoúdi. Because of road-maintainance, I had to go back to Zipari to take another road to Lagoúdi. After that, I continued to Amanioú, Paléo Pilí and finally the castle of Antimáchia. Then, it was time to go back to Psalídi via Tigáki and Kos City.

The Odeion, Kos City

A nice view, close to the Asklepieion

The Asklepieion, an old medical centre from the 4th century B.C.

The Asklepieion

The Asklepieion

View over the Asklepieion, Kos City and Turkey

Do handle with care

Olives and cows

A nice garden

An Agave

One of the little places between the Asklepieion and Lagoúdi

Nice view over the flowers and olive trees

Orange juice...

A donkey, the only one I've seen on the island!

Paléo Pilí, an ancient city (now deserted) high in the Díkeos mountains

Paléo Pilí

The road to Paléo Pilí (very steep...)

Some kind of grain, somewhere around Antimáchia

Beehives are everywhere...

Finally, the castle of Antimáchia (13th century). Also note my rental-bike (it did it!)

View from the castle

Another view from the castle

Bike trip 2

Day 2: Again a bike tour (or actually two small tours). The first one follows the coastline from Psalídi to Embrós Thérme and back. The second tour went straight-up from Psalídi into the Díkeos mountains, aiming for one of its peaks at 466m. Unfortunately, the last tens of meters, the road was closed again...

View over the sea (Turkey on the other side)

Nice mountains (you can see goats on the top)

We're not the only one cycling here! Actually, you can see a lot of cyclists around (especially Dutch, Flemish and German cyclists)

Stony beach

Time for a break...

This picture was taken while going into the mountains. You can see the steep road going down.
In the left corner you can see Kos City

A wild turtle, probably lost (just as we)

Here, you can see two dogs guarding the gate, such that the goats on one side of the fence
can not pass to the other side. Very smart indeed!

From now on, no bikes anymore. Just a short walk on the beach, and a social event in the evening.

Former boat I guess...

Former sunshades I guess...

Orange tree in the evening light

ISCAS social event

ISCAS social event

And finally, a short visit to Kos City.

Plane tree of Hippocrates

View inside the castle of Kos City

View over the harbour as seen from the castle

Aliens have taken possession of the castle

The next pictures are taken at the western excavations in Kos City; an archeological site with Roman constructions of the 3rd and 2nd century B.C.

The Nymphaeon

The Via Cardo (Roman road)

A Roman gate

A Roman mosaic

A Roman mosaic in the house of Europe about 'The abduction of Europe'

The old market place or Agorá in Kos City