Marrakech, Morocco (2007)

These pictures were made during a trip to Marrakech (IEEE ICECS conference, December 2007).

Centre of Marrakech is the old town (Medina), where many interesting things can be found (if you don't get lost somehow). The centre is relatively small, so you can go everywhere on foot easily.

Wall surrounding the Medina - the old city


Koutoubia Mosque
The first building that draws its attention is the Minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque, the highest in town as far as I know. Note the resemblance to Sevilla's Giralda (see Spain-page).

Djemaa el Fna Square
The hot-spot of the Medina is the so-called Djemaa el Fna Square. As on most markets, the main goal here is to earn money. The guys here surely understand their business as they use all possible opportunities to do so. Sometimes that becomes a bit annoying as it is not easy to walk around freely without being charged for something.


Snake get-of-my-carpet!

Hennah painting


and fruits

and more fruits

Donkey horsepower

Bling-bling shops

Foodstalls at the market

El-Badi Palace
This is one of the two palaces I visited. Even though it's far from the good-as-new condition, what remains is still impressive...

Orangetrees in the palace

Swimming pool?

View over Marrakech and its many storks

Bahia Palace
Well, this is the second palace, and all these decorations, tiles, colors and woodcarvings are truely overwhelming.


Chez Ali - La Fantasia
Finally, the conference banquet, which was organized at a sort of Efteling park.


Life music

Second course (sorry, no picture of the first course (soup))

Third course

Fourth course

The conference hotel