Around the Netherlands in 8 days (2007)

In May 2007, we decided to make a one-week tour in the Netherlands. As it was very hard to choose where exactly to go, it was a logical choice to just go around the whole country ;). To make scheduling a bit easier, we followed some of the national cycling routes, indicated by `LF'-signs on the road.

Unfortunately, after a long period of sunny weather, we started our tour exactly at the moment the weather prediction changed from `very good' to `very bad'. After a few days, indeed we got a lot of wind and rain. Anyway, still had a lot of fun, and only one flat tire on the whole tour.

Overview of the route
The table and figure below show our route. Apart from the last piece, we followed mostly the `LF' routes. Total distance is about 890km in 7.5 days.

1EindhovenIJsselsteinLF7 en LFRDD110km
2IJsselsteinEgmond a.d. HoefLFRDD en LF7129km
3Egmond a.d. HoefHarlingenLF1 en LF10114km
4HarlingenGarnwerdLF10 en LF14127km
7BuursePlasmolenOwn route106km
8PlasmolenEindhovenOwn route63km

The tour

During all this cycling, it wasn't easy to stop and take pictures :). As the weather also turned quite wet during the second part of the tour, I took only few pictures. Never mind, good excuse to go again next time ;).

Ferry at Nederhemert

Around IJsselstein

Camping in IJsselstein

Is this Schiphol airport already?

Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans

Flower fields in Noord Holland

Great camping in Garnwerd