Switzerland - Netherlands (2010)

These pictures were made during a cycling trip from Lausanne (Switzerland) to Eindhoven (Netherlands), August/September 2010.

Having a course at EPFL - Lausanne is always a good excuse for some free exercise ;). My bike and me arrived properly in Geneve by plane. After enjoying the course and the nice city of Lausanne for one week, it was time to start the cycling exercise back home. Ofcourse with camping~.


Trip overview

Day 0: Geneve - Lausanne

The first day is simply going from the airport to Lausanne, where I'm attending a course before starting the exercise.


Yes, we are by bike! hoerah~


Fresh water for cyclists!

Small village on the way



City centre

Switzerland is famous for : 1) Chocolates

2) Flowers

3) Clocks

Did I mention the flowers and clocks?



Castle and lake

Late night lake

Beautiful landscape!

Le Chateau

Lake (again)

The course provides great food! (Good preparation for my coming exercise)

Enjoying the last dishes, from tomorrow onwards, I go back to food-basics.

The course is about to be finished - desert-time...

Day 1: Lausanne - Morteau

Exercise day 1!

Miss Cow

Little church

Railway station

'Self-service shop'

War remainings

Bell-cow (or cow-bell?)

Wow, as scheduled, I arrive in France on the first cycling day!

Day 2: Morteau - Lure

This looks like the highway straight home!

Beautiful views

Rough landscapes

Many monuments for WWAR I...

Day 3: Lure - Charmes

Church and water facilities

Day 4: Charmes - St Mihiel

Cathedral in Toul


Grape region

Camping in St Mihiel

Day 5: St Mihiel - Montmedy


Monument for WWAR in Verdun

Many monuments for WWAR I, this his been an enormous battlefield...

Railway reused as cycling track

French roadsigns are really good! Again, many monuments here...





Cycling art in Montmedy

Day 6: Montmedy - Houyet

Another Chateau, also closed :(

Arriving in Belgium! This is an old railroad (with tunnel), now modified to cycling path.

Day 7: Houyet - Neerlinter


Day 8: Neerlinter - Eindhoven

Back in the NL, with only one flat tire on the way.