Taiwan (2011)

These pictures were made during a trip to Taiwan (VLSI-DAT conference, April 2011). With an additional week of holiday, I traveled around the island by train and bike.


Cycling from Taipei, Shilin to Danshui

Famous restaurant in Taipei! Cannot miss it

Puli and Sun-Moon lake

Visiting Chung Tai Chan Monastery

A place around Puli

Cycling around Sun-Moon lake

Tea in the high mountains


Now what is this fimiliar style of this building...?


And parade?

Please read the bill if you want to know what it is. I also have no idea~

Special local dishes!

Taidong and LuDao (Green Island)

What am I eating? Maybe good I don't know :P

Ah, always like desserts ;)

Tropical fruits

On my way to LuDao (Green island). See my bike?

Green island is green! But also lot of blue and sand color :D

Dear Deer

Yoho! They told me there are coral riffs, should learn how to see them!


Is this a small coral?

That's me! Today I sun-burned my feet...

Back in Taidong, ancient housing

My train to the next destination: Hualien


Rice rice

Now comes the most gorgeous part: Taroko Gorge by bike!

Back in Hualien, one of the famous dishes in famous restaurant

South of Hualien is an agricultural area

And a lot of special bike paths, very nice!


Back in Taipei, enjoy a last relaxed day!

I wonder how we could finish all these dishes above... ;)

Two common sights in Taiwan: scooters and 7-11. Thanks for the ride!