Work Description

My main work is in the field of micro-electronics, in particular I'm working on the design of Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs). ADCs are used in many applications (such as audio, video, wireless communication systems, sensor interfaces, computers, and so on). In my case, I am especially interested in ADCs for mobile and medical applications. For these situations, it is important to achieve very low power consumption levels (usually micro-Watts or even nano-Watts). While ADCs already exist for many decades, it is not evident to achieve such low power consumptions and still be able to digitize the analog signals with sufficient speed and precision. In the page with `Publications', you can find some of our recent results.

To design ADCs (or other integrated circuits), one starts with designing and simulating a circuit on the PC. After that, a layout is drawn which can be produced by a foundry. After a few months of desperate waiting, the chips will come back from the foundry and measurements can start!